Epaulette x Amusements 1 Oct 2015 KATRINA PARTRIDGE

Bread and butter

10/06/2020 10:25:00 pm

Selling commercial stock photos for advertising/magazine covers etc can be the difference between making money and not some weeks (the reality of photographing for a living; it’s easy to spin the good side but one has to be realistic about the annual income from this line of full time work these days.) William Inglis’ marketing department selected a commercial stock mare/foal image for a Sunspeed ad. in Western Australia last week. Scone.com.au selected a series of images of Singleton for a project they are working on today.  This follows Aquis needing a series of people photos for their annual brochure.  


The stock libraries are an ever evolving database. Feel free to have a browse on the main website.