• Millie and Gracie 20 June 2020

    There's a reason the saying "don't work with animals and children" came into being :-)Whilst Millie was beside herself that I had suggested her shirt be changed for the photos (hence the meltdown lol), her darling shetland mare Gracie stood by stoically despite...

  • Something light for Friday

    19/06/2020 7:21:52 am

  • christmas-982122-2

    The Silver Stallion

    18/06/2020 11:52:00 am

    I had to photograph one of his yearlings yesterday (she was the absolute mirror of her sire; uncanny) and it brought back fond memories of the 'Silver Stallion' #Frosted who stands at Darley in Victoria during the Southern Cross breeding season.


    His oldest Australian progeny are rising 2YO's.


    It has to be said - there is something about a grey stallion.

  • Races and working with covid copy

    Life after Covid

    18/06/2020 12:25:00 am

    I started at 7 this morning; am now well past the mark of figuring out how many hours I have been working given it’s now 8 minutes past midnight. The odd thing is that if it’s your own and if you you love it then the hours fade. Today has seen 3 photo shoots, high pressure interim turnaround editing for a client that needed video footage for a sale that is going live tonight, enormous frustration with a new camera that is proving extremely difficult to work with; news that my latest and greatest beast from Nikon (the D6) is on its way, and I also needed to submit a proposal for a major commercial project. That ended up consuming 5 hours in addition to the 2.5hr meeting yesterday; no doubt another client tomorrow will be chasing me for the photos I failed to send through from today :-) 


    It’s gratifying and also strange to watch the whole Covid measures slide (even if uneasily by some) into past tense. For months I have been confined to the house, work has been scarce and bank accounts hovering near empty as the business line of credit got leaned on to such an extent that the residual debt will keep me well focussed for quite some time. I elected not to pursue the government’s Job Keeper handout; rather chose to pack shelves at Woolworths at night. During this journey I met many people in the same situation as I, the work was certainly handy in terms of finessing attention to detail whilst being on the clock but it got me out of the house (as well as kept all those toilet paper hoarders under control as the shelves were kept as full as we had stock). It was also good for me as a couple of times over the past few years I have - I must be honest - started hating what I do every day and considered giving it away. It’s not easy making a living as a full time professional photographer. The investment in equipment and technology is increasing (whilst clients are paying less), loyalty with some clients has the longevity of this week’s news (hence why I am so immensely grateful to the large number of my clients who do continue to support me), and more and more clients are ‘doing it themselves’ (and why not - the new iPhone 11 Pro Max gives quite a few of my pro bodies a run for its money). 


    Covid changed things though. I spent (literally) a hundred (plus) hours gardening, another hundred hours building a new website, a further hundred hours sprawled on the lounge binge watching Netflix and however many hundred hours stacking groceries on shelves. I had the time to think, step back, reassess and then move forward. Ironically it could not have come at a better time. I found a whole new series of creative projects to fire my love of photography … and it’s safe to say I have produced some of my best work since the Covid restrictions have ended.


    Perhaps it was the pandemic I was meant to have (with no disrespect to those who actually had a hell of a time with it; we got off so lightly in Australia).

  • DSC_6229

    Pierata unveiled

    15/06/2020 10:45:00 pm

    He’s black, he’s beautiful, he’s a commanding Group 1 winner with earnings exceeding $5m, and he is Aquis Farm’s pin-up boy for the 2020 season. I had the pleasure of photographing Pierata’s arrival at his Murrurundi base last month and yesterday I did his cover shoot for the Stud’s Annual Brochure. 

    The stallion team led by Ejaz Hussain have done wonders with the horse already - he is letting down beautifully, has strengthened considerably through the hindquarter and is a gem to work with.

    Looking forward to seeing the brochure and which photo secures the lead spot.

  • R5 Writing Unexpected

    It was Aberdeen Cup Day at Muswellbrook Race Club today; one might have wondered if the races could go ahead after 30 mls fell on the track overnight but whilst rated a Heavy 10 the track held up beautifully and we even saw a class record lowered in one of the races (go figure!).


    The track remains closed to the public, there are 2 security check points, the male jockeys have taken over the Silks Function Centre as their new ‘change room’ to ensure the social distancing rules are upheld (so yes you do have the occasional giggle as a jockey clad only in his undies dashes up the stairs), clerks of the course and all attendants are masked and cleaners wipe down every hand railing/door knob/desk/available surface; they are our new norm. At least now we can have two photographers back on course. For a period NSW Racing stipulated that country and provincial meetings could only engage one. 


    I hope that owners, directors, and race fans can also be welcomed back before too long. 

  • Landmark’s Scone office have revealed their latest rural listing - ‘Fernleigh’ at Blackville amidst the beautiful Liverpool Plains. The 2,875 acre property - and home of the original Blackville School - is priced at $2.3m.


    I was commissioned to produce both the photos and the listing video for the property.


    See more by clicking on the following link



  • DSC_5903 copy

    This afternoon’s assignment focused on photographing installations at the Michael Reid Gallery in Murrurundi. The Gallery shop has recently launched a Collection for the iconic Australian fashion brand Oroton. Concept Store Manager Camilla Wylie was responsible for the beautiful staging of the products. 


    Did you know? Michael Reid is one of the leading art dealers in Australia, advising private clients on the formation of their art collections with the aid of decades of experience in the sector. In 2016 Michael received the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for his services to the arts and has been ranked in The Art Life Power Trip for six consecutive years as one of the most influential people in Australian art world. Recognising that interest in Australian art is not bound by geographic constraints, Michael has established galleries in Sydney, Berlin and regional New South Wales, as well as supports an established online and social media presence. The Sydney & Berlin galleries exhibit extensively at art fairs within Australia and Europe. 


    Learn more at the following link 

  • Epaulette x Amusements 1 Oct 2015 KATRINA PARTRIDGE

    Bread and butter

    10/06/2020 10:25:00 pm

    Selling commercial stock photos for advertising/magazine covers etc can be the difference between making money and not some weeks (the reality of photographing for a living; it’s easy to spin the good side but one has to be realistic about the annual income from this line of full time work these days.) William Inglis’ marketing department selected a commercial stock mare/foal image for a Sunspeed ad. in Western Australia last week. Scone.com.au selected a series of images of Singleton for a project they are working on today.  This follows Aquis needing a series of people photos for their annual brochure.  


    The stock libraries are an ever evolving database. Feel free to have a browse on the main website.

  • dish-1209170

    2338 Catering + Events + Hospitality is a new name but an enduring client. Its owner - Amelia Wilkinson - has been a friend and work colleague for close on 20 years. Her new business has been brewing in the background for the past couple of years and is now set to launch; given our work history I was fortunate to be approached to do the marketing and communications for the business.  I have nothing but the deepest respect for Amelia’s work ethic, client focus and vision, and working with her pushes anyone to their limit intellectually and creatively and that is exactly what a role should do.


    The first project was producing a detailed website brief for the web designer.


    Looking forward to seeing how this all unfolds.